Business As Calling Network (BAC)

What is BAC?

The BAC is a network of Christian businessmen who are called to train, coach and impart Christian values and successful business techniques to their pre-believing counterparts, thereby causing transformation in community well-being.

The network intends to provide beneficial trade and commerce activities to advance the community, as well as assemble a local network of christian business owners to effect changes in the lives and livelihood of the community.

Business monthly network meetingBusiness monthly network meeting

It’s Special BAC-UP Time!

Our upcoming BAC-UP Business Course for participants will commence from 14th March to 30th May every Tuesday at 7pm.

Special Rate: $199/-

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We are inviting all budding businessmen! Besides receiving teaching on how to build strong businesses on foundation of sound values and clear boundaries, participants will learn the theory of running and expanding their business. In short, during the 10 modules 10 sessions, we hope to achieve the two main UP objectives:

U – Unravel

Unravel your business potential with the intention for expansion in depth, strength and effectiveness through our interactive group sessions. These sessions are facilitated by trained facilitators and assistant facilitators and guaranteed to be relevant and impactful.

P – Prepare

Prepare to launch you back to your businesses with an affirmation that you are on the right track and new insights gained. There will be Q&A and teaching sessions by our special speakers. You can also look forward to more interaction over dinner.

Special Rate : $199 (partially-sponsored by Ms Success Resources Global Ltd)

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