Transformation Resources

What is Transformation Resources?

We are living in the last hour and the urgency to win souls for Christ has become even more pertinent. But His labourers must be equipped and sharpened to be ready for the end-time harvest and we believe the prophetic anointing will precede a great end-time harvest.

With this in mind, Transformation Resources aims to mobilise believers in Singapore and Asia through equipping programmes to fulfil their role in the end-time harvest.

Jeff Yuen from Soakability Church teaching on prophetic evangelism

Jeff Yuen from Soakability Church teaching on prophetic evangelism


Praying for the sick

Praying for the sick


To prepare, equip and mobilize believers in Singapore and Asia to fulfill their role in the end time harvest to prepare the way for the King of Glory.


To equip and activate spiritual gifting in Christians so as to mobilize an army of believers who will apply biblical principles of healing, miracles, prophetic acts and evangelism to transform their family, community and nations through so as to win souls for Jesus Christ and reap the end-time harvest.




- Healing-Evangelism
- Prophetic-Evangelism
- Strategic Evangelism
- Dream Interpretation
- Wagner Leadership Institute modules

Equipping Material

- Supernatural Healing & Prayer & Intercession