Our Story

The Beginning

On 4 March 2013, I was staring into an unknown and uncertain future; 30 years after I had founded the company that my husband and I managed together, God had opened the way for a sale unprecedented in its speed and ease, and we had taken the step of faith to sell our business.

As I sought the Lord that day, He reminded me of a vision I had many years ago to start a community transformation ministry as advocated by Ed Silvoso in the 1990s. Ed Silvoso taught the importance of establishing a beachhead in a nation via prayer, and having done that, to put into practice transformationalism, bringing spiritual, motivational, relational and material wealth to communities, and the Kingdom of God where the kingdom of darkness is still entrenched.

Thousands of souls at our doorstep to be won into God's Kingdom. Will you come and be a part of His story?

I was excited at the renewal of this call. Having just completed an assignment to pray with my team for the Indo-Chinese nations in December 2012, I felt that I should begin community transformation in these countries.

As always, the Lord has His own perfect plan. “I want you to begin in your backyard, ” He instructed. This pronouncement was greeted by some incredulity on my part. In a nation blessed with economic and political stability, that statistic for statistic out-performs most developed nations in the world, where would I find a community that would benefit from this ministry? The Lord put it into my heart straightaway. Bless the foreign workers. Touch their lives, disciple them and send them back as disciplers of nations, as we are charged to do in Matthew 28:18-20.

As a team, we began to pray for Singapore's calling as Antioch of Asia and God’s vision for Little India to be fulfilled. In June 2014, the Lord quickened my heart further, and I began to prayer walk Little India, asking God to show me His purpose and how He would use me to bless the people there. God further connected me with ministry partners in the area, and we would meet fortnightly to pray and seek His vision.

In October 2014, on the top of Mount Carmel during a 12-hour worship and prayer session, God sent a breath-taking confirmation of His mandate. Prophet Rick Riddings of Succat Hallel prophesied with a vision of Singapore as a “revolving door”, touching and discipling nations and then sending them out to claim the nations for the glory of God. This sealed in my heart what God had spoken to me about in 2013.

With God's help, the ministry would be!


When I returned to Singapore, it was as though God's plans were downloaded into the hearts of my ministry partners and mine, so clear were His blueprints. True to the words He had given to me before, our 'heartware' had to be connected before the 'hardware' would be provided. Within two weeks, 37 Veerasamy Road was established as the ministry centre of Worldwide Transformation Limited, comprising Worldwide House of Prayer, Love Little India, Business as Calling Networks, Residents Outreach Works, Evangelistic Outreach to Singaporeans, Overseas Community Transformation, and Transformation Resources.

Praise be to God! Worldwide Transformation Limited was dedicated to God at 12 noon on 12/12/2014.


As Matthew 9:37-38 says, “For the harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into His harvest.” We are truly living in the end times, and I am humbled to be carrying out God's great work in these urgent days.