Equipping Seminar By Margot Gabriel At Whop

On 14th May, 2016 WHOP organised a seminar by Margot Gabriel who had served at various prayer houses in Jerusalem, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey for more than 80 people.  Attendees learnt practically how to use Scriptures to launch into powerful prayers combined with heartfelt worship.

As the Lord promised in Amos 9:11 to rebuild the ruins of the Tabernacle of David, Margot shared this is God’s strategic plan in the end-times for His Body to fill the earth with His glory through such worship-prayer-intercession.  Just as David was obsessed to build a house of habitation for God and passionate for His name to be honoured,  participating intercessors were reminded to catch this vision and have the same heartbeat of David to worship and prayer for God’s kingdom to come on earth.

Margot Gabriel Seminar i ii

Margot Gabriel Seminar i