Love Little India Community Care

Love Little India Community Care

As Jesus loves, Love Little India Community Care (LLICC) loves and cares for the needy, the less fortunate, and the migrant workers in our midst.


Our Vision
That the Little India community will be touched through our love for Christ

Our Mission
Reach out using various help and support platforms

Our Platforms:
- Friendships & Free lunches
- Art and Craft sessions
- Tuition for Primary 1 to 3 pupils
- Prayers


Our Location
Acts Cafe, 37 Veerasamy Rd

Our Operational Hours
Mondays to Fridays, 12noon to 2pm.
Closed on weekends and public holidays


First Healing Soup Kitchen in Singapore
Since our launch in July 2018, Acts Café is thankful for our regular patrons who not only keep coming back but also bring their friends. They have also found new friendships with other regulars. The Cafe has become a safe and open space for them. Some come just to sit in our atmosphere of love and peace. Dedicated and passionate, our team offers prayers and ministry for healing and miracles. We desire to see God’s supernatural healing and miracles manifested here on a daily basis for all who come in. As a result of witnessing and receiving these miracles and healings, many of different nationalities have accepted Christ as their personal Lord.

Testimonies of Healing, Miracles and Salvations

1. “No More Pain!”
One time, after our team had prayed for our regular karang guni auntie who frequents the cafe for coffee, she got up and kept repeating '不痛了 ! 不痛了!’ (No more pain! No more pain!) A few days later, she came by again, with a big bag of mangos for everyone. She testified that since being prayed for, her back has been feeling fine, so praise the Lord!

2. God Met Her Instead!
An elderly Indian couple was very troubled over their daughter's marriage issues over in Australia and came to the Café, asking for prayer. We also prayed for the elderly lady’s aching knees and she left the cafe praising God that she was able to walk without pain. Praise God! She was concerned for her daughter and God was concerned for her. We assured her we would keep upholding her daughter and her family in our prayers.

3. Choose Life
X was a suicidal man from Malaysia. He struggled with abandonment and homosexuality. He is searching for love and acceptance. We listened to him and presented him the abridged version of John’s gospel. Initially he said he could not understand what he was reading but now he loves reading it. We trust that God Himself will direct him to His love, that he may always choose Him and choose life.

4. Our Regular Patrons
An elderly couple who has a daughter and grandson in Melbourne has been coming regularly to our cafe for prayers. After prayers, her leg is better. We have also been keeping their grandson in prayers.

T has been coming to our cafe and we have prayed for her to be reconciled with her children living in Malaysia. God has answered our prayers for her to pass her examinations in a subject she lacked confidence in. She is now confident enough to do one more course which will increase her chance of securing a better job. With the job and higher income, she can have her own place and bring her children over from Malaysia to live with her.

Lunchtime @ Acts Cafe is always vibrant with opportunities to connect with Indians, Sri Lankans, Chinese and even French people. We praise the Lord we would have people who said they were feeling depressed before coming in, but so happy and fulfilled in the end. One time, this patron was full of tears, and having felt so loved, stayed in the café all the way till past closing time.

The team connects so well with the visitors, as they diligently pray for their needs. One delightful dear gentleman from Tamil Nadu has been coming daily to Acts Cafe without ordering any food because he says that he feels the peace. Recently he accepted Christ! Only God can do this!