Walkway of Testimonies

A migrant worker was healed of his back ache on 25 Jan 2015 after an Acts Café volunteer prayed for him. The man was shocked he was healed.

During one of our sessions, a young student was prayed for and she grew by 2cm and received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior after our minister delivered an accurate prophetic word for her family. She broke into tears, amazed by how clearly God speaks.

Another guest had his limb grow by 1cm. As a result of these miracles, another guest, a Vietnamese, who witnessed the power and goodness of God, accepted Jesus as her Lord & Savior!

My name is Velmurugan. Before I became a Christian I had a number of deep seated problems. One of them was that I was an alcoholic. Every night I would go down to a nearby food centre close to my worksite to drink beer almost daily. I would then while away the time watching some TV programs in the food centre. And this became my routine cycle and I became very miserable. Try as I would to break this cycle, I find that I was not able to do so.

Every month I would send about $600 – $650 to my family back home in Tamil Nadu. And I would squander the rest of the money on drinks & other non essentials without putting aside money for rainy days.

We had a Christmas celebration in December last year, the Sunday after Christmas. As I was passing by Veerasamy Road, some volunteers at the centre gave me a flier and invited me into the centre. It was a special Christmas celebration. I decided to go in. The message by the speaker was so powerful that it touched my heart. There was an altar Call and I went forward. After the service, Pastor Solomon led me to pray to receive Christ as my Savior and Lord. I immediately experience a wonderful joy and peace in my heart after I prayed to receive Christ as my Saviour & Lord.

Since accepting Christ as my Saviour, my work problems as well as my alcoholism have been resolved. I don’t go to the Food centre anymore to drink beer. I am able to sleep earlier than usual now at 10.30pm or 11pm. I become more aware of His power & presence in my life. I also experience His blessings in my life – I have begun to read God’s Word and praying to Him daily. I am also presently attending the weekly spoken English class conducted by bro Letch as well as the Discipleship Class conducted by another pastor, Rev Victor Pandian from Cru Spore.